Enhancing the resilience of seaports to a changing climate: research synthesis and implications for policy and practice

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This report synthesises the research findings from the ‘Climate Resilient Seaports’ project funded by NCCARF and conducted between 2011 and 2012.

The intention of the project was to contribute to an emerging knowledge base relating to climate change and seaports, to test and refine assessment methodologies, and to develop tools to assist decision-making by port personnel.

The discussion contained in this report draws directly from the research carried out for the three work packages. These include:

1) understanding future risks,

2) functional resilience of the port environs, and

3) structural resilience of core port infrastructure.

As a synthesis document, the intellectual capital and inputs from each of the project teams is fully acknowledged. The report concludes with some reflections on the key challenges and opportunities facing researchers, policymakers and practitioners in making Australia’s seaports more resilient to future risks.

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