Support services service delivery standards

1 Mar 2011

The overall purpose of Service Delivery Standards is to maximise child and student learning. Support Services staff working in partnership with sites staff in the development and implementation of effective strategies to improve child and student outcomes. The standards aim to:support the provision of consistently high quality service delivery encourage continuous improvement and identify specific areas for improving service quality assist service providers to self audit the quality of their service foster a collective commitment to quality through a common set of clear and measurable criteria assist sites in knowing what to expect from service providers in relation to the quality of service delivery maximise site staff satisfaction and confidence with the service meet reporting and accountability requirements assist with monitoring and evaluation processes.  These Service Delivery Standards complement the DECS Improvement and Accountability Framework (DIAf) in providing a set of specific standards for regional Support Services. The principles of improvement and effectiveness, including self review, improvement planning, intervention and support and performance reporting are each integrative elements of the process.  As each region gathers baseline information for each of the standards, this information will then form the basis for setting local improvement goals. Regions will then determine which standard/s they would like to target and also determine the degree of improvement (eg 5%) they are aiming for.




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