The Coalition’s policy to improve the fair work laws

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This document is the current industrial relations policy held by the Federal Liberal National Coalition parties.  The following points are provided in the Policy:

The Coalition’s Policy to Improve the Fair Work Laws will:

• Keep and improve the Fair Work laws – including the independent umpire

• Re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission

• Provide better protection for members of Registered Organisations

• Provide practical help to small business workplaces

• Guarantee workers have the right to access fair flexibility

• Create realistic timeframes for Greenfield agreements

• Ensure union right of entry provisions are sensible and fair

• Give underpaid workers a better deal

• Promote harmonious, sensible and productive enterprise bargaining

• Ensure the laws work for everyone and undertake an independent review by the respected Productivity Commission

• Deliver a genuine paid parental leave scheme and lift female participation rates in Australian workplaces

• Ensure workplace bullying is comprehensively addressed

• Urgently review the Remuneration Tribunal for the trucking industry

• Implement many recommendations from the Fair Work Review Panel report.

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