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This strategy outlines a vision of where Australia's relationship with Indonesia should be in 2025 and how Australia should get there.


This country strategy takes forward the objective of the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper: for Australia to build stronger and more comprehensive relationships with countries across the region. Because of their size, economic links with Australia, and strategic and political influence in the region and globally, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea were identified as the initial priority countries for the development of country strategies.

Each strategy outlines a vision of where Australia’s relationship with the country should be in 2025 and how we, the Australian community, intend to get there. The strategies identify opportunities for community, business and government to participate in and contribute to the process of deepening and strengthening our regional engagement. They reflect the views of Australians, collected during nationwide consultations, and in doing so continue the national conversation initiated by the White Paper, to better identify whole-of-Australia objectives and priorities for the Asian century.

These are challenges for all of us.

Consultations to develop this strategy were held from 4 April to 31 May 2013. During this period, Australian Government officials led by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade undertook face-to-face consultations in each state and territory capital. Officials met all state and territory governments and engaged with business representatives, community and academic stakeholders. Consultations were also held overseas and in regional Australia. In all, 1,300 Australians attended meetings, roundtables and ‘town hall’-style public forums. The Government also received over 250 formal written submissions.

This strategy will be tabled in Parliament and regularly evaluated and updated.

The Government extends its deep appreciation to all who participated in developing these strategies, and will continue to draw on the views expressed in Australia’s ongoing engagement with these countries.

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