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Australia will chair the G20 for 12 months from 1 December 2013. It will be the largest international economic meeting ever held in Australia. This paper outlines the strategy, priorities and steps required for the Brisbane G20 summit to be a success – it is a ‘playbook’ for Australia’s G20 presidency.

Key findings:

  • For the Brisbane summit to be a success, Australia will need to improve the way the G20 works, define a focused agenda and directly engage leaders. A pragmatic, business-like approach is required.
  • Priorities for the Brisbane leaders’ summit should include: developing a ‘G20 coordinated growth strategy’; breathing life back into the multilateral trading system; tackling climate change financing; delivering tangible progress in the international effort to combat tax evasion and avoidance; and, mainstreaming development into the G20 agenda.
  • To achieve these outcomes will require a strategic game plan and a co-ordinated 12 month campaign, led by the Prime Minister and involving all aspects of Australian society.
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