Reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions: targets and progress review - draft report

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The Climate Change Authority has released this Draft Report to assist individuals and organisations to prepare submissions to the Targets and Progress Review. It outlines:

  • the scope of the Review;
  • the matters the Authority has considered, and its draft recommendations; and
  • how to make a submission.

The Climate Change Authority is required under existing legislation to conduct a review of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals – the ‘Targets and Progress Review’. The purpose of this Review is to recommend emissions reduction goals for the short, medium and long term that are in Australia’s national interest. It is primarily about ends, not means. This Draft Report sets out draft recommendations on targets and emissions budgets for Australia, based on the Authority’s deliberations over several months and stakeholder submissions and consultations. The Draft Report also details the progress Australia has made in reducing emissions, and identifies opportunities and challenges ahead.

The Climate Change Authority is an independent statutory agency that reports to the Australian Parliament through the Minister responsible for climate change. The Final Report for this Review is required to be lodged by 28 February 2014. In preparing its Final Report, the Authority will have regard to stakeholder feedback on this Draft Report.

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