Wharekauri, Rēkohu, Chatham Islands health and social needs

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Executive summary

Background: Whānau Ora is about the transformation of whānau/family – with whānau/family setting their direction. Whānau Ora is driven by a focus on outcomes: that whānau/family will be self-managing; living healthy lifestyles; participating fully in society; confidently participating in te ao Māori (the Māori world); economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation; and cohesive, resilient and nurturing.

Ha O Te Ora O Wharekauri Trust – Māori Community Services (‘Māori Community Services’) is one of 34 Whānau Ora provider collectives across New Zealand. Within these Whānau Ora provider collectives, there are approximately 180 service providers. The number of providers within each provider collective varies from 1 to 20. Ha O Te Ora O Wharekauri Trust is one of the few Whānau Ora provider collectives with only one provider: their service arm Māori Community Services.

Te Whānau Whāriki: Whānau Ora Business Plan was developed by Māori Community Services (2011) to ensure business continuity, enhance management and governance, and put in place adequate infrastructure and appropriately trained staff to support Whānau Ora-based delivery programmes. The business plan seeks innovative opportunities to do things differently to support whānau/families to realise their aspirations.

The Ministry of Health commissioned a report on the health and social needs of Chatham Islands. Māori Community Services intends to use the report to guide their work based on the aspirations and realities of whānau/families living on Chatham Islands.

Māori Community Services were also keen to explore the feasibility of holding a Health and Wellbeing Day on Chatham Island, potentially using a model similar to PHARMAC’s One Heart Many Lives Program.

It is intended that this report will inform other health and social organisations based on Chatham Islands and on the ‘mainland’, so they can work together to support whānau/families on Chatham Islands to realise their aspirations in both the short and long term.

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