Salvation Army 2014-15 state budget submission

12 Mar 2014

Summary: This submission urges the state government to keep investing in programs that have a proven track record of improving Victorian lives.

This year’s submission focuses on five key areas:

  • Reducing family violence and its effects
  • Improving measures to tackle crime and recidivism
  • Alleviating spiraling cost-of-living increases (particularly water bills)
  • Increasing affordable housing accessibility through private rental brokerage programs
  • Ensuring a sustainable community sector.

The submission also highlights areas in which effective policies have been established but not universally implemented.

The Salvation Army is also calling upon the Victorian Government to:

  • Extend the support for children who are impacted by family violence beyond those who are accommodated in refuges to include family violence outreach
  • Establish more effective diversion, rehabilitation and post-release support for young criminal offenders to reduce recidivism
  • Increase utility concessions, specifically targeting water bills, to reduce the cost of living
  • Fund superannuation levy increases to build sector sustainability
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