Regional live music census 2013

6 Apr 2014

Regional live music contributes $276.2 million to the state economy but needs a co-ordinated state wide strategy and dedicated ‘one-stop shop’ office to help stimulate the regional touring circuit, according to this report.

The report, compiled over the last six months by Music Victoria in collaboration with NMIT, RMIT, Box Hill Institute, Victoria University and JMC Academy, found that the 3.8 million patrons attended small venues and festival gigs in regional areas. 37% of venues reported an increase in patronage in the last 12 months, 17% reported a decrease and 46% estimated their patronage level as the same.

Introduction: Music Victoria’s Regional Live Music Census is the first comprehensive attempt to collect quality data on live music performance from venues in non-metropolitan Victoria.

It does not claim to be definitive, but has significant authority as the only dedicated study thus far attempted.

While it was possible to conduct the previous metro ‘census’ in the traditional way with teams of data collectors visiting venues to observe and record operations first-hand, such an approach was not possible in the regions due to limited finance and personnel resources.

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