Go away, please: The social and economic impact of intrusive marketing

8 Dec 2008

To explore community attitudes to telemarketing and to measure the impact of the Do Not Call Register since its introduction, The Australia Institute conducted an online survey of 1,000 Australians. The findings show that:

• Australians on average receive 8.5 unsolicited telemarketing calls per month.

• The average telemarketing call lasts for 1.45 minutes.

• Eighty-five per cent of respondents had heard of the DNC Register, and around 40 per cent said their phone number is on the Register.

• People whose number is on the Register said they received fewer calls on average than those not on the Register (seven calls per month compared to ten calls). By this measure, the DNC Register appears to have reduced telemarketing call volumes by around 30 per cent.

• The value of time wasted on unsolicited telemarketing calls across Australia is estimated to be $1.58 billion per year.

• Two in three respondents (63 per cent) said that telemarketing should not be permitted in Australia, while only 26 per cent said it should be permitted.

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