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Lost conversations: finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together

20 Nov 2014

It's time for a game-changer in how black and white Australians relate.  

The difficulties we have in coming together—to talk, to work, to lead change—are core to our challenge to reconcile, as a country. But if we want to shift the status quo, if we want to lead change on entrenched Indigenous disadvantage, we don't need another program, initiative or money to try and 'fix' the problem. We need to start having a different conversation. 

The result of two years experience working together as part of a Social Leadership Australia initiative, Lost Conversations brings together the diverse perspectives and personal stories of five Aboriginal and four non-Indigenous authors, all with first-hand knowledge of what happens when black and white Australians come together to try and work on change. 

Lost Conversations asks the questions and starts the conversations that we daren't have in Australia ... until now: 

  • What is 'black' power?
  • What is 'white' power? 
  • What qualifies someone to lead in this cross-cultural space? 
  • Why is this so hard to talk about? 
  • Can we start to name these things and try to shift the status quo? 
  • Can we change? 
  • Should we? 


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