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Location, vocation, aspiration: findings from mission Australia’s youth survey 2014

Bullying Socioeconomic status Youth Australia

Young people living in low socio-economic status areas are more likely to be concerned with getting a job, bullying and other emotional abuse than young people from higher SES areas.

Executive summary:

Inequality and disadvantage remain entrenched in areas of our society with intergenerational poverty becoming well-known. It is becoming increasingly common to understand that this disadvantage is concentrated in some locations.

Location, Vocation, Aspiration considers this year’s Youth Survey findings in relation to young people’s socio-economic status (SES) measured by whether they were living in low, moderate or high SES areas. In order to conduct this analysis, responses were mapped by their postcode against the Index of Relative Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to determine the relative SES of the area they live in. A closer examination of remoteness is also included.

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