Public policy observatories in the Americas: A guide for their design and implementation in our public administrations

1 Feb 2015

Public policy observatories are an initiative that some public administrations in the US and Europe have implemented to manage knowledge. The use of observatories enables public administrators to have greater information to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their public policies.

This publication aims to foster the creation of public policy observatories by making information available to public officials, the academic community, scholars of public administration, and public in general, on their usefulness and performance, as well as experiences in the North and South American region.

The first part of the publication uses an analytical and narrative approach to address in a didactic and explanatory manner the main characteristics of public policy observatories in general. It emphasizes their common elements and the lessons that guide public policy makers on the road map to follow in creating a new public policy observatory. The second part is a description of thirty-eight public policy observatories found in different countries and international organizations around the region. Four descriptive categories are used for this purpose: General Information (definition, law, organization, etc.); Objectives (What do they seek to do?); Content (What can be found?); and Contact Information (telephone number, web address, etc.).

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