The Internet and other information technologies have transformed the way New Zealanders live. Connectivity is an integral part of New Zealand’s economic growth and international competitiveness.

Ninety percent of New Zealand households and 96 percent of businesses now have an Internet connection. New Zealanders rely heavily on the Internet for work, play and everyday life. People are embracing the benefits the technology provides:

  • Individuals are connecting to friends and family and shopping, banking, and being entertained and educated through the Internet
  • Businesses are promoting their services, selling, banking and communicating using the Internet. They use information technology to manage their business information
  • The government is heavily reliant on technology for the country’s day-to-day administration and it is essential for the operation of our critical infrastructure

By 2019, there will be 24 billion networked devices and connections, with global Internet traffic up to 168 exabytes per month.

New Zealand faces on-going cyber risks. Malicious cyber techniques can be deployed from any location. New Zealand’s geographic isolation offers no protection against cyber threats. This Strategy sets out what government will do, working in partnership with the private sector, to prevent and respond to a range of cyber security threats.



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