Social media toolkit: a practical guide to achieving benefits and managing risks

15 Dec 2015

This Toolkit provides a general overview of social media, supported by specific guidance for particular types of user and scenario for use in the higher education sector.

Social media is a general term for a range of internet-based applications that allow people to create, co-create, share and interact with information. The scale of use of these tools is phenomenal with the most popular applications having many millions of active users worldwide.

Use of such tools by higher education providers is already common and is increasing. The cultural trend implied by use of such tools is a significantly different and more social relationship between higher education providers and their stakeholders. Effective use of such channels can nonetheless benefit from a strategic approach.

There is much good practice around but many universities have not yet been able to pick up on these pockets of good practice and embed them into more strategic approaches that align with their particular mission. Having been, to a certain extent, swept along by a global trend, the time is right for the higher education sector to be both more visionary in its approach and more tactical in the use of particular tools and to determine what kind of metrics or other evidence will help evaluate whether or not this type of engagement is delivering the desired benefits.

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