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Green offices and recalcitrant tenants: exploring rating tools sensitivities for multi-story office buildings

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Ratings tools have emerged to help classify the 'greenness' of a building. These ratings tools assess the energy use or environmental impact of the building and the rating is then used to communicate the building's predicted environmental performance to target owners and tenants. This paper performs a due diligence analysis on a case study green-rated multi-story commercial building in order to explore the stability of these ratings over time or circumstance. The building system is extended to include both building and stakeholders (builder, owner, tenant, city council) and modelled using an energy prediction program. The building system response and the consequent change in rating under different scenarios are evaluated. It was found that the building system is most sensitive to changes in lighting and office equipment power density, which may result in changes in rating. Additionally, based on projected utility bills, there is little financial incentive to reduce internal loads to meet emission requirements to maintain ratings. From this it is concluded that ratings are occupant dependent and 'green' office buildings stakeholders may need to address this by either designing in restrictions or creating contractual obligations.

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