Central Melbourne design guide: draft for exhibition

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The Central Melbourne design guide has been prepared by the City of Melbourne to support the use and interpretation of the Urban Design in the Central City and Southbank Design and Development Overlay Schedule 1 (DDO1) within the Melbourne Planning Scheme. The guide is intended to raise the bar on the design quality of development outcomes in the Central City and Southbank.

The guide uses illustrations and photos to visually communicate the desired outcomes of the Design Objectives, Design Outcomes and Design Requirements of the DDO1 with additional images of outcomes we are seeking to avoid. The intent of the graphic format of this document is to make the policy clearer and more accessible to a diverse audience, including the community, designers, planners, and developers.

Both the policy and the guide aim to shape the development of private land within the Central City and Southbank by focusing on the key components of design that contribute to inspiring and lively streets and places, with a particular emphasis on the interface of buildings within the City’s public realm.

Responding to context, whether it be the streets and laneways, buildings, or activities is key to achieving good design outcomes. Each of the six chapters is designed to assist new development in responding appropriately to what we value in the city and to contribute to the city’s vibrancy and economy for decades to come.

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