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CREATE Foundation (CREATE) has been concerned at the trajectory of poor life outcomes for many young people leaving out-of-home care (not all, but a significant proportion). Our work in highlighting the issues for young people transitioning to independence started with our seminal work in 2008, with further reports on this topic in both 2009 and 2011. All highlighted the deficits within the system as identified directly by young people. We expanded our work in this space, and with support and endorsement from all states and territories embarked on an ambitious project – Go Your Own Way. Essentially, we developed a tool kit for young people to use when transitioning from care to independence.

This report highlights the progress we have made towards improving the transition process for young people. There are some positives, and we are pleased that we can categorically say that those with a GYOW Kit are more likely to have a leaving care plan. This is a wonderful step forward. However, disappointingly, problems with the Kit distribution and follow up made the process less effective in supporting young people. Our challenge now is to overcome the obstacles and work collaboratively with jurisdictions to identify positive steps forward to build on this vital work.

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