Diplomacy may be an art but its tradecraft is firmly anchored by skills. And in diplomacy, the skills of advocacy, persuasion and networking are indispensable. They are central to DFAT’s mission to help make Australia stronger, safer and more prosperous. And they are crucial to meet the challenges facing a modern foreign service. 

Exponential growth in digital communications is one such challenge. Driven by technology, the communications landscape is more congested than ever. With a rapidly proliferating number of voices online, the competition for attention has never been greater. 

DFAT has to work harder and smarter online to be heard above the noise. 

Challenge presents opportunity. Enhanced digital engagement offers us the means to better connect with government and non-government organisations, business and community groups, and draw on these conversations to design and deliver responsive policies, programs and services. 

Taking action to meet this digital challenge is the purpose of this strategy. It outlines how the department, and our staff, can realise the goal of becoming digital by default.

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