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Working paper

A conversation about energy futures for remote Australian communities – theory and detailed workshop findings

Housing Transport Energy consumption Rural and remote communities Aboriginal Australians Liveability Alice Springs
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This research developed a collaborative understanding of how alternative energy-related practices may impact on the future liveability of selected communities in remote Australia, focusing on housing and transport. By collaborative understanding, we mean understanding that emerges from a participatory research process. We developed a methodology that is effective in assisting a range of planners, policymakers and community representatives working in cross-cultural settings in remote Australia to collaborate around issues related to energy futures. Through the collaborative process, participants identified existing energy-related innovations in remote Australia and, together with the researchers, explored additional innovations that may be feasible so that efforts to enhance the future energy systems in remote Australia are well informed of existing and possible options. The research also produced consensus-based policy recommendations. This paper contains lightly edited notes that summarise discussions during two workshops, focused on housing and transport respectively, conducted in May 2014 (see Foran et al. 2015, p. 10 for the workshop agenda). It integrates material used to stimulate discussion at the workshops, as well as preliminary interpretations by the research team. A final section places the May 2014 workshops into the wider context of conversations in Australia around climate adaptation and energy futures.

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