New Zealand health research strategy 2017–2027: summary of submissions and consultation

7 Mar 2017

Executive summary

The New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017–2027 will set a 10-year strategic direction for the health research system. Its aim is to ensure that investments in health research make the greatest contribution to the lives of New Zealanders – to their health and their economic and social wellbeing.

In May 2016 the Government published the New Zealand Health Research Strategy: Public discussion document. This formed the basis for discussions with stakeholders throughout New Zealand on the directions and priorities of the Health Research Strategy.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council (HRC) met with a range of stakeholders in the health research system, mostly in May, June and July 2016. They held three government agency workshops, 10 regional consultations and 24 topic-specific workshops, including workshops for prioritisation, Māori health research, Pacific health research and disability research.

This document, New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017–2027: Summary of submissions and consultation, presents the analysis of submissions received and the key themes that emerged from the public consultations and focus groups. MBIE and the Ministry of Health undertook the analysis, with assistance from the HRC.

A wide range of stakeholders provided 166 written submissions. These stakeholders included researchers, non-governmental organisations, universities, district health boards and health professional associations.

In general, submitters enthusiastically welcomed the development of a strategy for health research in New Zealand. Specifically they noted that the public discussion document provided a useful starting point for developing the strategy. Most stakeholders agreed with the broad direction of the document, while levels of support varied for the draft vision, mission and guiding principles.

Most submissions did not respond directly to the 16 specific questions raised in the New Zealand Health Research Strategy: Public discussion document. Typically, submitters used the questions to stimulate discussion around areas of interest to them. Therefore, this analysis identifies broad themes from the submissions rather than the specific responses to questions.

Officials will use the insights gained from the consultation process and the submissions to provide advice to Ministers on the New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017–2027. MBIE and the Ministry of Health expect to publish the strategy in 2017.

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