Australia’s peak gas industry bodies have released their vision for the future of gas in the Australian community.

Gas is essential to our economy and modern lifestyles. In the future, gas will continue to be essential as Australia makes the transformation to a cleaner energy future.

Gas provides nearly a quarter of Australia’s total energy supply. Gas also plays an important role in our economy with approximately 130,000 commercial businesses relying on gas. Major industries use gas for energy and as a feedstock for manufacturing products such as plastics, chemicals and fertilisers. Figures collated by Deloitte demonstrate that gas underpins a variety of local industries. It estimates that half of the gas consumed in Australia is used in manufacturing and mining industries that contribute $196 billion to the national economy employing 949,000 Australians.

This report is the next step in our gas journey. It reflects the ambitions of key organisations which represent Australia’s gas sector. It shows that gaseous fuels have a pivotal role to play in Australia’s low carbon future to 2050 and beyond. Our plan is for this vision to be refined and further developed as the role of gas in Australia’s energy mix continues to evolve.

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