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The Magenta Book: guidance for evaluation

27 Apr 2011

The Magenta Book is guidance on what to think about when designing an evaluation. It explains how results can be interpreted and presented, and what should be considered in this process.

The Magenta Book outlines how thinking about evaluation before and during policy-making can improve the quality of results produced to evaluate that policy.

The guidance is mostly used by central government, but is also useful for policy-makers in local government, charities and the voluntary sectors.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is designed for policy-makers. It sets out the benefits of good evaluation and steps that people can take to make sure their policy will produce good quality results for evaluation.

The second part is more technical and goes into more depth about planning and undertaking an evaluation. It is aimed at analysts and policy-makers and explains how to answer evaluation research questions using different types of approaches. It also discusses different ways to approach evaluation evidence.

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