Draft pre DA community consultation guidelines for prescribed developments

5 Jul 2017

Consulting the community before submitting a development application (DA) , known as pre DA consultation, can lead to better planning outcomes. It is an opportunity for developers of significant projects to involve the community in the early stages of a proposal, and for the community to provide important feedback early in the project.While developers are currently required to consult with the community before submitting a DA to the planning and land authority on a major project, there are no guidelines on how they should do this.

The draft Pre DA Consultation Guidelines sets out the minimum engagement requirements for developers where the proposal is for:

  • a building with three or more storeys and 15 or more dwellings
  • a building with a gross floor area of more than 5,000 m²
  • more than one building, where the buildings have a total gross floor area of more than 7,000m²
  • a building or structure more than 25 metres above finished ground level
  • a variation of a lease to remove its concessional status.

The draft guidelines require the developer to make documents such as the site plan, elevations and landscaping plans, including proposed materials and finishes, to be made available for the public to view online on the developer's website and/or at another appropriate location.

The guidelines also require the developer to hold face-to-face engagement sessions with a diverse cross-section of the community and to submit a consultation report with any subsequent DA.

What’s happening now?

Community engagement on the draft Pre DA Consultation Guidelines is open for six weeks from Wednesday 5 July 2017 and ends on Monday 21 August 2017.

Have Your Say by completing either an online quick poll, short feedback form or a full submission using the right-hand side panel.

Alternatively you can send email submissions to:

  • Executive Director, Planning Delivery, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, PO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601
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