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Rape myths as barriers to fair trial process

This book contains the findings of four years of research that compares the trial process in thirty adult rape cases from 2010 to 2015 (in which the defence at trial was consent), with ten cases from the Sexual Violence Court Pilot heard in 2018.
Journal article

Research performance and age explain less than half of the gender pay gap in New Zealand universities

This research uses a globally unique dataset that scores every individual academic’s holistic research performance in New Zealand to test several common explanations for the gender pay gap in universities.
Conference paper

Crisis communication capacity for disaster resilience: community participation of information providing and verifying in Indonesian volcanic eruption

This study investigates information networks during the 2010 Merapi volcanic eruption, as a well-proven representative case to capture the capacity of local communities to provide, share, and verify information. Abstract Strengthening community capacities is important to significantly increase community resilience after a shock. In the...
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Mapping the diverse community economy sector in Christchurch

This project seeks to produce a database, conceptual map, and a literal map of the diverse economic activities contributing to both coping with change and the future renewal of Christchurch. Abstract Post-quake Christchurch has seen a flourishing of alternative economic activities that work to directly...

Toward a transformed system to address child abuse and family violence in New Zealand

Executive Summary Introduction The Glenn Inquiry (TGI) has contracted Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR) to bring together the relevant experience and expertise to collaboratively model a transformed system to address child abuse and neglect (CAN) and family violence (FV) in New Zealand...