Sven Silburn

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Context, diversity and engagement: early intervention with Australian aboriginal families in urban and remote contexts

The intervention is an adaptation of an 8- to 10-week, manualised parenting programme designed for four- to six-year-old children with behavioural difficulties. It was implemented for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in urban Darwin and for Aboriginal children in three communities of the Tiwi Islands...

Let's Start: Exploring Together - an early intervention program for Northern Territory children and families

The Let’s Start project was a trial to implement the Exploring Together Preschool Program (ETPP) in the Northern Territory (NT) for managing behaviour problems in Indigenous and other children. Children from four to six years old whose behaviour was a concern were referred to Let’s...

Community learning for parenthood

In addition to the obvious benefits of early child development for improving the life-chances of individual children, the promotion of early human development is increasingly recognised as benefiting communities and society through longer-term gains in population health, educational outcomes and opportunities for social, civic and...