Peter Whiteford


Is Newstart really the pacesetter Scott Morrison says it is?

Whichever way you measure it, Australia’s unemployment benefit is far from being “one of the best safety nets, if not the best, of anywhere in the world,” writes Peter Whiteford.

Good times, bad times, and the growing income gap

The official figures show that inequality has risen in Australia in recent decades, mainly fuelled by gains among the highest earners.

How unequal? Insights on inequality

Australia has experienced its longest period of economic growth in history during the last quarter century. Yet, there is growing debate about the benefits of this economic growth and their distribution, and the extent to which inequality is increasing in Australia.
Briefing paper

Social security and welfare spending in Australia: assessing long-term trends

This brief draws mainly on OECD data from 1980-2014 and on Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data about social security payments to households.

Timing it wrong: benefits, income tests, overpayments and debts

UEXPECTED bills can be a challenge for any household. But for people who rely on social security payments, unexpected news of a significant debt – sometimes dating back years – can be bewildering, to say the least. This is exactly what tens of thousands of...