Anthony King


Partnered women's labour supply and child care costs in Australia: measurement error and the child care price

Measurement error in the constructed price of child care can explain why previous Australian studies have found partnered women's labour supply to be unresponsive to child care prices. Through improved data and improved construction of the child care price variable, we find child care price...

Partnered women's labour supply and child care costs in Australia

The purpose of this paper is to examine the responsiveness of partnered women’s labour supply to the price of child care in Australia. We show that the way in which child care prices are constructed can have very large impacts on findings, which is an...

The regional impact of Commonwealth rent assistance

Tony Melhuish, Anthony King and Elizabeth Taylor argue that the Commonwealth rent assistance rules should be modified to recognise regional variations in the rental market and in the impact of the program. Changes to the rules may result in improved regional performance, without any major...

Baseline small area projections of the demand for housing assistance

Tony Melhuish and Anthony King outline a project to map the level of demand for housing assistance in the short to medium term; the likely 'hot spots' of demand; which client groups are likely to drive demand; and potential changes in the composition of the...