Rachel Lloyd


Prosperity for all? How low income families have fared in the boom times

In this paper for the 2004 Australian Institute of Family Studies conference Justine McNamara, Rachel Lloyd, Matthew Toohey and Ann Harding profile the situation of Australia's most economically disadvantaged children from the late 1990s until 2004. They show that average real incomes rose for Australian...

Housing unaffordability at the statistical local area level: new estimates using spatial microsimulation

As well as reviewing the results and implications of the housing unaffordability estimates for New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Lloyd, Marcus Blake and Ann Harding provide a general overview of the scope of the linkage project, and the methodological...

A spatial divide? Trends in the incomes and socioeconomic characteristics of regions between 1996 and 2001

Rachel Lloyd, Mandy Yap and Ann Harding examine trends in income for different regions of Australia between 1996 and 2001, using census data. Most regions and states experienced strong income growth during the five years, although incomes in the capital cities remained much higher than...
Conference paper

Income distribution and redistribution: the impact of selected government benefits and taxes in Australia in 2001-02

Ann Harding, Rachel Lloyd and Neil Warren examine the distribution of household income, and of selected taxes and benefits in Australia, in 2001-02. They find that direct cash transfers are more progressive than indirect (non-cash) benefits, but that the combined overall impact of all benefits...

Assessing poverty and inequality at a detailed regional level

Ann Harding, Rachel Lloyd, Anthea Bill and Anthony King outlines new techniques used to create synthetic household microdata and demonstrates how they can be used to analyse poverty rates, the spatial impact of possible policy change, and the characteristics of the poor by geographic area.