Rachel Lloyd

Conference paper

Regional microsimulation for improved service delivery in Australia: Centrelink's CuSP model

Centrelink has embarked on a Regional Microsimulation Modelling Project. The modelling work is being undertaken jointly with NATSEM. The purpose of the model under development, the Customer Service Projection (CuSP) Model, is to provide a tool that will assist decision-making through short to medium-term projection...

Getting down to small areas: estimating regional income and wealth in Australia using spatial microsimulation

In the past few years NATSEM has developed spatial modelling techniques to create synthetic small area socio-economic data. This is achieved by combining the Census data with that from the ABS national sample surveys. This paper describes the techniques used to create the synthetic small...
Journal article

Capacity and Need: A Spatial Analysis of Australian Communities

This paper presents the results of work undertaken to develop small area indexes of community capacity and need, and apply these indexes to identify those regions in Australia with a combination of reasonably high need and good levels of community capacity. These regions form possible...
Conference paper

Assessing poverty and inequality at a detailed regional level: new advances in spatial microsimulation

During the past three years NATSEM has developed path-breaking spatial microsimulation techniques, involving the creation of synthetic data about the socioeconomic characteristics of households at a detailed regional level. The data are potentially available at any level of geographic aggregation, down to the level of...

Australia online: how Australians are using computers and the Internet, 2001

The 2001 Australian Census included questions about the use of home computers and the Internet. This paper analyses the socioeconomic and regional distributional characteristics of computer and Internet users across Australia, examining correlations between socioeconomic variables and rates of use and identifying inequality of home...