Louise Crabtree


Articulating value in cooperative housing: international and methodological review

Housing cooperatives are a growing presence in Australia’s housing system, providing a diversity of housing forms to a variety of household types across the income spectrum, typically serving low- and moderate-income households. The research presented in this report reviewed a selection of international cooperative housing...

Cooling the commons

This pilot study reviewed factors that combine to produce urban heating in Sydney’s rapidly developing urban fringe and key socio-environmental issues such as the health effects of periods of extreme heat and the loss of shading and cooling effects as the tree canopy is further...

Community Land Trusts and Indigenous communities: from strategies to outcomes

The project sought to understand what would be required to develop a model of CLTs for Indigenous communities in New South Wales (NSW), and also identify issues in considering a model for the Northern Territory.
Journal article

How can Community Land Trusts provide accessible and stable tenure options for Indigenous Australians?

This report reveals findings on the potential relevance of models based on Community Land Trusts (CLTs), one form of hybrid tenure, for the Indigenous housing sector.

Community land trusts and Indigenous housing options

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a model of community-based, perpetually affordable housing that has been operating in the United States for the past 30 years and has more recently been established in the United Kingdom. This study found that Community Land Trust models have the...