Lareen Newman


Digital technology use among disadvantaged Australians

The ability to access information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly via the Internet and mobile phones, is increasingly vital to full participation in economic, social, and political life. This is particularly so as institutions move towards greater ICT-mediated provision of services, support and Journal compilation...
Journal article

Learning to use the internet and online social media: what is the effectiveness of home-based intervention for youth with complex communication needs?

Youth with complex communication needs (CCN) face increased barriers to their social participation due to limited communication abilities and opportunities. Youth today use the internet as a social tool and youth with CCN may also benefit from internet use to increase their social participation. Five...

Southgate digital equity tool

The Southgate Digital Equity Tool has been developed to assist policy makers and practitioners in making informed decisions about the way they engage consumers in services and programs in the digital era. Initially developed for use by health organisations, the tool can be adapted for...

The overlooked impact of basic reading and education levels on inequalities in internet use

This presentation highlights data on the links between ICT use and basic reading and text comprehension. It reports qualitative findings from a range of projects conducted in South Australia about Internet and mobile phone use among disadvantaged communities; these include Australians from lower income backgrounds...
Conference paper

Active ageing and employment in rural SA: a Health in All Policies project

The South Australian (SA) Health in All Policies (HiAP) initiative provides a framework and mandate for intersectoral policy work on the social determinants of health. Participation in decent and meaningful employment is a key social determinant of health, and is also an important strategy to...
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