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Going the distance: making mental health support work better for regional communities

This project aims to better understand what is different about living in regional areas that leads to poorer mental health and difficulties accessing support, and what further support is needed to improve the lives and wellbeing of people living in those communities.

'We can see future possibilities now': an evaluation of Bridging the Gap’s PLAN project

The Parents, Learning, Advancing, Nurturing (PLAN) project was created to provide holistic support option for vulnerable parents to address barriers to wellbeing, employment and financial and emotional stability. This report presents evaluation findings that reveal the strong efficacy of the project in the outcomes it...

Doorknocking for mental health: evaluating a novel outreach approach for addressing mental health

This evaluation report was prepared by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) for Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA), and presents evaluation findings related to the ACDC Project’s effectiveness and impact on participants and communities.

Supporting women and children experiencing family and domestic violence: the Zonta House impact report

This report presents an analysis of client outcomes with a view to understanding the impact of Zonta House and provides a statistical analysis of the validity and reliability of the Life Matrix tool developed and used by Zonta House to measure clients’ wellbeing at intake...