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Steven Lockey


Regulation is key to responsible AI, but what might this look like?

How much do people trust in AI-enabled systems, and what are their expectations with respect to regulation and oversight? In order to fully realise the benefits of AI, people need to be confident that AI systems are developed, used, and governed in a responsible and...

Navigating AI: analysis and guidance on the use and adoption of AI

Other authors
Dean Grandy, Dhruw Joshi, Samantha Kwong, Paul Fitzgerald, Amanda Heather
This report provides a deepened understanding of the artificial intelligence (AI) regulatory landscape globally and within Australia, and the need to continue to progress a conversation around appropriate regulation.

Trust in artificial intelligence: a global study

Other authors
Ali Akbari, James Mabbott, Rita Fentener van Vlissingen, Jessica Wyndham, Richard Boele
This research examines the public’s trust and attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI) use across 17 countries. The study asked about who is trusted to develop, use and govern AI, the perceived benefits and risks of AI use, community expectations of the development, regulation and governance...
Journal article

AI-deploying organizations are key to addressing ‘perfect storm’ of AI risks

This paper argues that a perfect storm of five conditions heightens the risk of harm to society from artificial intelligence. To prevent harm, fit-for-purpose regulation and public AI literacy programs have been recommended, but education and government regulation will not be sufficient.

Trust in artificial intelligence: Australian insights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the cornerstone technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is enabling rapid innovation with many potential benefits for Australian society. This national survey is the first to take a deep dive into answering this question and understanding community trust and expectations...