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Navigating AI: analysis and guidance on the use and adoption of AI

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Dean Grandy, Dhruw Joshi, Samantha Kwong, Paul Fitzgerald, Amanda Heather
Business innovation Corporate social responsibility Public trust Artificial Intelligence (AI) Autonomous technologies Australia

AI is revolutionising the way we live and work, and it’s becoming increasingly pressing for individuals and organisations to understand it’s potential impact. 

As AI solutions rapidly develop and new applications become available for industry, a strong structure and framework for its application is needed to de-risk AI adoption. 

This report provides a deepened understanding of the AI regulatory landscape globally and within Australia, and the need to continue to progress a conversation around appropriate regulation.

The report will provide valuable guidance for Australian business and the broader economy to ensure the responsible and legal adoption, development, and use of artificial intelligence (AI) as it becomes more deeply deployed in areas such as logistics, transport, biotech, banking, mining, agriculture and social media, and embedded in everyday life.

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