Nicola Willand


As power prices soar, we need a concerted effort to tackle energy poverty

Energy justice is a social issue, and by leaving it up to vulnerable people to sort it out for themselves, we as a society risk making it even worse.
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It’s not too bad - The lived experience of energy saving practices of low-income older and frail people

Drawing on evidence from a mixed methods retrofit intervention trial of the homes of low-income, older and frail people in Victoria, Australia, this study explored practices of heating and keeping warm in terms of equity and health. In most homes, heating restrictions led to inadequate...
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What happened, how, why and what mattered: Three case studies from a low-income residential energy efficiency intervention program

This is a study of an energy retrofit program for the homes of low-income, elderly or frail householders in Victoria, Australia. Warmth, heating energy consumption and householder satisfaction are discussed. These cases highlighted how the interaction of the material quality of the home, householder capabilities...
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Low Carbon Residential Refurbishments in Australia: Progress and Prospects

Recognising both the recent surge in interest in low carbon refurbishments of residential buildings and the diversity of emergent terminology and perspectives, the authors set out definitions for key terms and frame a discussion of the phenomenon of refurbishments. The paper focuses on owner-occupied detached...