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Peter Varghese

Alternate Name:
Peter N. Varghese

Fault lines: an independent review into Australia’s response to COVID-19

This independent review report, evaluating the outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests that initiatives to address the well-known fault lines throughout society remained at the periphery of the planning process, rather than being placed at its core. To be better prepared for the next health...

India in APEC: views from the Indo-Pacific

The Perth USAsia Centre has commissioned this special report on India’s prospective membership of APEC. Drawing expertise from emerging and established authors from across the Indo-Pacific region, this publication provides new and informed analysis on this most important issue of regional integration.

An India economic strategy to 2035

The Australian government commissioned this report to look beyond the immediate horizon and provide a roadmap for unlocking the opportunities that will help India and Australia grow together.
Discussion paper

Australia and the challenges of weapons of mass destruction

Australia, like all nations, has an over-riding national interest in the development and enforcement of robust international regimes that restrict the creation, deployment and export of weapons of mass destruction. For decades, Australia has been a strong, dedicated contributor to the evolution of control regimes...