This review is a first for Australia. Its terms of reference were not dictated by a politician. It was independent of government. It was philanthropically funded. It was apolitical.

The over 350 people who participated in this review were not compelled to give evidence because of the coercive powers wielded by a Royal Commission. They were not pressured to testify before a government or parliamentary inquiry. Participation was entirely voluntary. They were assured of complete confidentiality, so they were able to speak freely. They participated because they wanted to help answer the review’s core question - what can Australia learn from the COVID-19 pandemic to be better prepared for the next health crisis?

Key takeaways:

  • Have societal fault lines front of mind.
  • Plan, prepare and practise.
  • Avoid the perils of overreach.
  • Be transparent, clear and consistent.
  • Better balance competing trade-offs.
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