Anthony J. Liddicoat

Alternate Name:
Tony Liddicoat

Maximising intensivity and continuity in language learning

The goal of the three-year project entitled Maximising Intensivity and Continuity in Language Learning: Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Models of Provision was to pilot three models of provision of languages education in South Australian schools in order to better understand and offer sustainable and innovative...

Engaging with diversity: a case study of the intercultural experiences of Muslim and non-Muslim students in an Australian school

This case study has explored how Muslim and non-Muslim students, school leadership, counsellors, teachers and parents reflect on, interpret and manage the experience of engagement and exchange in the context of a Catholic girls' high school (Years 8 to 12) in South Australia.

The value of international education: report

The purpose of the project was to explore how students (both local and international) and the school community perceive the value of international education. For local students, it has examined how they engage with students from other cultures, both local and international. For international students...

The value of international education: statement and vignettes

This document consists of two sections: 1. A statement of the value of international education. This statement was based on the final report for Stage 1 of The Value of International Education project, completed in 2012 and on further research in the literature about international...

Review of languages retention from the middle years to the senior years of schooling

This document reports on the ‘Review of Languages Retention from the Middle Years to the Senior Years of Schooling’ undertaken for the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development by a team of researchers at the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the...