Christine Eastman


Caseworkers’ communication with children and young people in out-of-home care and their caregivers

This research report examines the factors that influence effective communication practices between caseworkers and children as reported by children and if that influences children’s socio-emotional functioning over time.
Briefing paper

Parenting support in the early years: research brief

The early years are a critical time for children’s development. Parents’ engagement in their children’s early development and learning has an impact on children’s later educational and life experiences and parents differ in their levels of engagement.

Service needs and uptake amongst children in out-of-home care and their carers

This report provides an analysis of two waves of the POCLS. The analysis focuses on the need for and access to services for children, focusing on specialist services such as paediatricians, as well as universal services such as dentists and general practitioners.

Practice First evaluation report

This report describes the evaluation of the implementation and service system outcomes of Practice First across 24 CSCs in NSW. The evaluation used four methodologies, with findings from each triangulated to strengthen conclusions.