Wellbeing in the Ōtautahi LGBTQIA+ community

This research collects the views of the rainbow community of Christchurch, with the intent to better understand the strengths of the community, increase visibility and education and therefore reduce discrimination and enhance self-esteem.
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Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Attack on Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019: terms of reference

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Attack on Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019 has been established. The Royal Commission is to investigate events leading up to the attack and the performance of State sector agencies in relation to those events.
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Influence of diaphragm flexibility on the seismic performance of multi-story modular buildings

Modular buildings are those built using prefabricated volumetric units called modules. Due to modules being connected to each other at discrete locations, discontinuous structural systems are formed, where diaphragm discontinuity is a key issue and could result in diaphragms that are flexible. Multi-story modular buildings...

The Christchurch earthquake and the visitor sector

This report analyses publicly-released information and interviews people in the visitor and emergency management sectors effected by the Christchurch earthquake. It makes recommendations to enhance the visitor sector’s disaster preparedness capability and to better integrate the particular challenges of the sector into broader emergency management...

Medium-density housing case study Chester Courts, Christchurch

Medium-density housing is a major growth area in New Zealand urban development. As housing density intensifies it is important that design quality improves. This case study is one of three medium-density housing case studies developed by the Ministry for the Environment to support the New...

Christchurch central recovery plan

The vision is for central Christchurch to become the thriving heart of an international city. It will draw on its rich natural and cultural heritage, and the skills and passion of its people, to embrace opportunities for innovation and growth. Building on the Christchurch City...
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Labour market dynamics following a regional disaster

The 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes caused major upheaval to the people of the region. The second major quake killed 185 people, forced many from their homes, and closed Christchurch’s central business district. This paper examines the consequential effect on jobs and accumulated earnings for workers in...
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Designing to heal: post-disaster rebuilding to assist community recovery

The physical destruction accompanying disasters typically creates an urgency to rebuild and help survivors get back on track. There are inspiring examples of how architects and other built environment professionals have contributed to rebuilding. In many cases their efforts have facilitated the re-establishment of eroded...
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Changes in urban and environmental governance in Canterbury from 2010 to 2015: comparing Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council

This article compares the proximate but not parallel trajectories of Canterbury Regional Council’s (ECan) and the Christchurch City Council’s changing authority to manage the urban and natural environment from 2010 to 2015. We ask why the trajectories are so far from parallel, and speculate as...

Quarterly Canterbury job matching report

The Quarterly Canterbury Job Matching Report for the March 2015 quarter was released today by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, providing employment demand and supply information on the Canterbury rebuild and wider recovery. Some key findings for this quarter are: Labour force participation...