London: a just transition city

This report, the result of a unique project between IPPR and London Citizens, sets out the results of an extensive listening campaign on the priorities for the next Mayor of London. It charts how action on the climate crisis could help the capital to ‘build...
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Licensing the radical: from licensed squatting to meanwhile use in London and Regional Australia

This paper positions the now-redundant Australian Renew Newcastle scheme for temporary building occupation as an example of ‘meanwhile use’: the UK term for the sanctioned short-term use of vacant urban properties awaiting redevelopment.

A poor tax: reforming council tax in London - final report

This paper sets out the case for change of the council tax system in London. It outlines some of the views of those who live in the capital and pay council tax in the system as it is, and how they would like to see...
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Valuing public transport customer amenities: A survey of practice across Australasian and international transit agencies

Public transport customer amenities cover a range of ancillary improvements which are not directly related to operations or service quantity but can enhance the quality of the passenger experience. Examples include information provision, passenger facilities, station/stop quality and personal security measures. While much research has...

Culture and the night-time economy: supplementary planning guidance

Planning plays an important role in shaping our environment at night. Here you will find guidance on how to apply current London Plan policies to sustain and improve our rich culture and night-time economy.

Piloting the London Office of Data Analytics

This report highlights both the potential benefits of being able to use data at a truly pan-London scale, but also the many barriers that stand in the way of realising that vision, and what it would take to overcome them.
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Postmodernism in architecture and planning: what kind of style?

This paper discusses postmodern style in architecture and planning, as well as a theory of aesthetics which serves as a basis for evaluation of postmodernism.

Priced out? The affordability crisis in London

London’s distinct housing market has been exhibiting the strains of a crisis for some time. The scale of the demand for property, the tenure and household mix, the affordability gap for both renting and buying, and the scale of serious housing need all set London...

London environment strategy: draft for public consultation

The Mayor wants London to be the world’s greenest global city. This draft London Environment Strategy sets out bold policies and proposals in six policy areas and the transition to a low carbon circular economy to make this vision a reality.
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Places as intersecting flows: mapping urban morphologies, functional constellations and pedestrian rhythms

This paper seeks to advance the empirical grounding of rhythmanalysis through a comparative study of nine selected street intersections in London, New York and Melbourne.

London burning

A hulking ruin stands in judgement over a country adrift, writes David Hayes.
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Urban or suburban? Examining the density of Australian cities in a global context

Australia is regularly cited as one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world. However, a significant proportion of people living in Australia’s three largest cities live at relatively low ‘suburban’ densities. . This raises the question as to how the densification of Australian...
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The role of fun in city centre revitalisation projects: children and fountains

This paper focuses on a number of water based interactive art installations/sculptures and their role in creating dynamic, fun, yet economically and socially viable urban spaces.
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Shaping modern cities: structural continuity and change in Carlton, Melbourne 1870-1970

This paper examines the nature of urban change at the micro-scale in Melbourne from 1870 to 1970. The research forms part of an ongoing international collaboration on the shaping of modern cities. The focus of the broader research programme is the extent of persistence and...