13 Mar 2019

The Sydney Women and Sexual Health Survey (SWASH) is a comprehensive biennial snapshot of the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ women covering issues including sexual and gender identity, sexual health, mental health, cancer screening behaviours and more.


7 Mar 2019

Through this research, older women have been given the opportunity to provide their insights and share their experiences about living in Melbourne. The research highlights seven key themes important to older women as they age, including social connectedness, financial security and family and generational change....


5 Mar 2019

This guide was released to coincide with a speech from Prime Minister Scott Morrison on progress towards the Fourth Action Plan as part of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Children.


4 Mar 2019

Mobile and health devices are being used by women to collect sensitive information. This edition of the Health Report explores the industry health claims and questions about data security and privacy.


1 Mar 2019

This report provides insight into positive change that has been made across different sectors in recent years and highlights the importance of workplace policy initiatives in ensuring women continue to progress into senior positions and in narrowing the gender pay gap in Australia.


27 Feb 2019

In January 2019, No to Violence led a regional Listening Tour in NSW to hear what’s needed to better prevent and respond to domestic and family violence in local communities. This report that calls for a much bolder investment from NSW leaders to ending men’s...

Blog post

26 Feb 2019

A one-size-fits all approach to family violence will miss important opportunities to help the groups of people who are most in need.


Insights from Money For Jam, a micro-enterprise initiative for older women
19 Feb 2019

This report provides insights from Money For Jam , a micro-enterprise initiative for older women.


18 Feb 2019

This research looked into the experiences of women from CALD backgrounds who are exposed to technology-facilitated abuse, to help better inform victims and to develop appropriate resources.


Use and efficacy of family protection orders
16 Feb 2019

Family protection orders were introduced in Papua New Guinea by the Family Protection Act (FPA) 2013 with the aim of improving access to justice and the protection of and support for victims of domestic and family violence. This report details the results of a study...


The Northern Territory’s domestic, family and sexual violence reduction framework 2018-2028
14 Feb 2019

This first action plan focuses on the first phase of implementation, explaining how the NT government will implement the strategies outlined in the framework. Building on and complementing the range of positive activities that are already underway, the key focus areas for the next three...


Technical report
12 Feb 2019

This report describes national data sources available for monitoring the effects of diabetes during pregnancy on mothers and babies. It identifies current data gaps, alternate data sources for monitoring outcomes associated with diabetes in pregnancy, and possible data linkages to improve national monitoring of pregnancies...


Our Plan to protect Australia and keep Australians safe
11 Feb 2019

A plan launched by Prime Minister Scott Morrison which "sets out plainly what a re-elected Morrison Liberal Nationals Government will continue to do to keep Australians safe and secure".


6 Feb 2019

The World Health Organization estimates that female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) affects over 200 million women and girls across the world. This report provides an indication of the potential number of women and girls living in Australia who may have undergone FGM/C.


A report prepared for Innovate UK by LSE Consulting
4 Feb 2019

This report reviews global efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in business innovation, examining Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

Working paper

28 Jan 2019

The future of work is currently receiving attention at the highest policy levels. This paper demonstrates the case for a strong gender lens in these debates and makes a clear call for women’s economic empowerment to be at the front and centre of efforts to...


27 Jan 2019

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the findings from the Australian Women and Digital Health Project, a qualitative study involving a total of 66 women around Australia, ranging in age from 21 to 74.


14 Jan 2019

Research shows that one in four women in Australia has experienced at least one incident of non-physical abuse from a partner. However, half of Australians find it difficult to recognise non-physical forms of abuse between partners. This resource aims to support prevention practitioners in their...



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