15 Aug 2018

Modern-day Australia imposes certain realities on political parties. The most important one is that the important public policy issues of the day go beyond old-fashioned left/right characterisations.

Briefing paper

9 Aug 2018

Partisanship has become the dominant driver of social and political conflict in the United States. This paper argues that Australia should focus on potential partnerships and common areas of concern with US states, rather than simply relying on diplomatic engagement with the White House.


4 Jul 2018

From the 20th Century process of policy trial and error, the nations that married the strengths of markets and government came out ahead.

Journal article

24 Nov 2017

This article seeks to analyse and assess regulatory responses to trade union corruption. It attempts to establish the extent of the problem which these new laws are intended to address, and to determine whether they are therefore necessary or, as many critics of the Royal...

Journal article

15 Jan 2016

The neoliberal agenda has been in place in Aotearoa / New Zealand, under governments of different political persuasion, since the mid-1980s. An important aspect of this agenda has been to construct an environment in which individuals are expected to take more responsibility for their own...


28 Nov 2015


'What does it mean to be conservative? Is it voting Liberal, is it thinking John Howard did a good job, or is it the day you stop changing your hairstyle and it just stays the way it is?'

As we age,...

Journal article

31 Oct 2015

The most curious and telling episode in more than four decades of Indonesia’s nuclear power planning was the nuclear establishment’s promotion of the tiny European country of Slovakia as an “inspiration” and national industrial partner for a proposed Bangka Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Between 2009...



27 Aug 2014

Since coming to office, the Abbott government has initiated a wide range of reviews into policy areas such as the national school curriculum and the Renewable Energy Target. Some commentators have argued that these appointments demonstrate a distinctive ideological bias that distinguishes the Abbott government...

Discussion paper

5 Dec 2013

Executive summary: Historically there has been a poor correlation between stated government policy objectives in relation to land tenure reform in the Northern Territory and the measures devised in pursuit of them. Over the last decade, advocates of legislative reform of the ALRA and...

Book review

18 Oct 2013

Deliberative democrats sometimes assume that existing political organisations, including NGOs or social movement organisations, are too bound up with pre-given interests or ideological frames to provide a public sphere where such deliberation can occur.

Journal article

21 Sep 2012

In the lead up to the US elections Dennis Phillips comments on the content and contradictions of modern American conservatism, in the Australian Review of Public Affairs .

Mitt Romney’s mid-August choice of 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate guaranteed...

Journal article

7 Sep 2012

Jonathan Haidt thinks so, writes Fiona Kate Barlow in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.


21 Sep 2011

Sixty years ago, H.V. Evatt successfully resisted strong public support for draconian anti-communist legislation, writes Frank Bongiorno in Inside Story. Is there a lesson for Labor in 2011?


29 Oct 2010

We need to mobilise a positive alternative to the fear, anger and tribalism on offer from the right, argues John Quiggin.

Journal article

5 Jul 2010

In discussions of nanotechnology, it has become increasingly common to emphasise the importance of 'responsible governance'. This study focused on the issue of environmental governance and was specifically interested in critically exploring the relationship between nature and nanotechnology.

It began by characterising a range...

Discussion paper

13 Oct 2009

This paper tracks the recent rise of ideology and evidence discourse as a way of describing good and bad Indigenous affairs policy.

Expressing dissatisfaction with this discourse, it suggests a slightly more complex analytic way of thinking about Indigenous affairs involving three competing principles;...


14 Mar 2007

The January 2007 Sydney conference that Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT, the Party of Liberation) organised raises dilemmas that have a long history in liberal democracies. HT encourages indirectly, and sometimes more directly, political violence by its inciting propaganda. It uses Australian tolerance to promote radical propaganda,...


16 Dec 2005

It has been four months since Bob Carr resigned as premier of New South Wales. Some speculated that Carr’s retirement was a temporary break before a draft into the federal Labor leadership. One thing is certain, writes Tim Soutphommasane: even if he does not pursue...


16 Jun 2003

Raids conducted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in June 2003 on the homes of Iranian Australians reportedly suspected of involvement with the Iranian opposition group, the MeK, have raised questions about the justification for such action, particularly as the MeK is not a proscribed...


30 Apr 2003

Social capital is one of the most exciting concepts to emerge from economics in the past decade. It promises to reconcile market approaches with intangible social dimensions of trust and community. At the same time it has been criticised as a form of academic colonisation,...



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