Finding partners: Timor-Leste’s evolving security ties with Southeast Asia

This paper explores how Timor-Leste’s sense of geopolitical vulnerability, as a young democracy in an increasingly rivalrous region—when coupled with a number of pressing domestic imperatives—has played a key role in shaping its strategic outlook.

Shaping the path

This audit found 31 cases of misconduct committed by aid workers connected to Australian charities. The sector's peak body, the Council for International Development, has promised major changes to protect some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Violence against women in Melanesia and East Timor

Violence against women is a serious global problem, affecting all countries of the world, including Australia. It has significant human rights dimensions, causing trauma to women, families and communities. It is both a symptom and a cause of gender inequality and discrimination. Violence against women...

Food and nutrition security in Timor-Leste: challenges and prospects

Timor-Leste’s high rate of malnutrition impedes the population’s ability to break the cycle of poverty and, at the national level, is a burden on national development. As a Least Developed Country, with a high poverty rate, achieving food and nutrition security is crucial for Timor-Leste’s...
Working paper

Maximizing the development impacts from temporary migration

This paper evaluates the impact of the Australian agriculture sector's Pacific seasonal worker program on workers, their households, and communities.
Fact sheet

Australia and Timor-Leste maritime boundaries: fact sheet

For the first time, Australia and Timor-Leste have agreed upon a permanent maritime boundary.

Understanding violence against women and children in Timor-Leste: findings from the Nabilan baseline study - main report

As violence against women becomes increasingly recognized as both a public health problem and a human rights violation, countries throughout the world are taking action through political and social reforms.

Making it count: lessons from Australian electoral assistance 2006-16

This Office of Development Effectiveness evaluation examined the effectiveness, inclusiveness and efficiency of Australian electoral assistance to major national elections in eight countries between 2006 and 2016: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Tonga.

Review of New Zealand’s Development Assistance to Timor-Leste 2001-2007: final report

The purpose of this review is to draw pertinent lessons from NZAID’s programme of assistance to Timor Leste for the period 2001-07, which will inform development of a new country strategy.

Review of the Social and Community Development Fund - NZAID Timor Leste: final report

The purpose of the review of the NZAID Social and Community Development Fund (SCDF) in Timor-Leste was to determine the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the SCDF, and in light of these findings, make recommendations for any improvements.