Riding the revolution

This report argues that South East Queensland is in the midst of an active transport revolution, one that can be made permanent with the adoption of a bold and determined new policy approach for the region.

Bottom up regionalism in south east Queensland

This paper presents a historical perspective on regional planning in south east Queensland.
Journal article

Love of the land: social-ecological connectivity of rural landholders

Understanding how landholders relate to the land and water they manage is crucial to sustainable natural resource management policy and practice. This study focuses on the relationship that rural landholders, both producers and rural lifestylers, have with their land and waterways.

Shaping SEQ: south east Queensland regional plan 2017

Shaping SEQ responds to a need for coordinated regional planning to manage growth sustainably, and ensure prosperity and liveability. It is the Queensland Government’s plan to guide the future of the South East Queensland region, prepared in collaboration with the region’s 12 local governments.

"We don't tell people what to do": an ethnography of health promotion with Indigenous Australians in south-east Queensland

This thesis contributes to the decolonisation of health promotion by examining Indigenous-led health promotion practice in an urban setting.

Shaping SEQ: draft south-east Queensland regional plan

ShapingSEQ is the Queensland Government’s plan to guide the future of the South East Queensland (SEQ) region, prepared in collaboration with the region’s 12 local governments. It aims to accommodate future growth sustainably and in a way that responds to change positively, and enhances the...
Conference paper

Design research towards improving liveability and sustainability in medium density infill housing in south east Queensland

This paper reports on a design research project commissioned by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) that investigated design strategies for improving the liveability and sustainability of medium density infill development, and sought to provide an evidence base for the benefits and costs of incorporating such...
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New Approaches to Oil Vulnerability Mapping for Australian Cities: The Case of South-East Queensland, the 200km City

The potential harm caused by oil dependence and uncertain supply can be seen as a form of vulnerability. This paper develops and applies new approaches to better understand oil vulnerability and its spatial patterning.
Conference paper

Planning neighbourhoods for all ages and abilities: a multi-generational perspective

Taking a more integrated approach to planning our neighbourhoods for the continuum of inhabitants’ ages and abilities makes sense given our current and future population composition. Seldom are the built environment requirements of diverse groups (e.g. children, seniors, and people with disability) synthesised, resulting in...
Conference paper

Understanding city fringe gentrification: the role of a 'potential investment gap'

This paper approaches the gentrification debate from a somewhat different position. It argues that gentrification, seen as the replacement of lower status and income households by higher status and income households, can occur outside the inner city.