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This discussion paper outlines the “Neighbour of Choice” project undertaken by Research Centre for Stronger Communities (RCSC) and funded by CSIRO Flagship Minerals Down Under (MDU). The study, undertaken in 2008-2009, combines the Neighbour of Choice (NoC) principles developed by Boston College of Corporate Community Relations (herein Boston NoC model) with advancements incorporating social structures and social relations made by the Research Centre for Stronger Communities (herein RCSC NoC model). The reported study applies the central tenets of both approaches to a mining operation and its constituent communities in regional Western Australia. The case study involves communities within the Shire of Ravensthorpe (Western Australia) impacted by BHP Billiton’s (BHPB) Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation (RNO). Broad findings confirm that the principles of a combined Neighbour of Choice model can be applied to any corporation/company and its localised, geographic communities or communities of interest. These principles serve as a guide to developing strategies, programs and practices in communities with a corporate presence towards mutually beneficial working relationships underpinned by trust—the cornerstone of social capital. This study occupies an under-studied viewpoint as it focuses on the company through the lens of community in critiquing the practices of good neighbouring.  

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