Energy supply and use in Australia continues to change. The type of energy we use and how we use this energy is changing, as new technologies are adopted, as our economy changes in structure and as our awareness of our energy use grows. Energy production is increasingly export-oriented as our importance as a global energy supplier continues to grow, which is also affecting the domestic market. To help understand these and other changes, to plan for Australia’s energy future and to make sound policy and investment decisions, we need accurate, comprehensive and readily-accessible energy data. The Australian Energy Statistics is the authoritative and official source of energy statistics for Australia to support decision making, and help understand how our energy supply and use is changing. It is updated each year and consists of detailed historical energy consumption, production and trade statistics and balances. It includes all types of energy and all parts of the economy. This edition contains the latest data for 2015–16. Along with this report, the full dataset and guide are available at The latest set of statistics shows that energy consumption in Australia continued to rise in 2015–16, underpinned by an increase in energy use in the mining and electricity generation sectors to support the rapid growth in LNG exports. Gas production also increased strongly, as did production of renewable energy and imports of refined products.

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