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The Mobilong Prison Radio pilot was an action research community project conducted at Mobilong Prison in April 2017, funded by a Department of Correctional Services SA Community Grant.

The project involved a series of radio production workshops with a group of ten prisoners, and culminated in a CD to be used to assist new prisoners through their induction period at Mobilong. The 50 minute CD is based on a variety of themes identified by the participants as important to the settling-in process in prison.

This project demonstrates that prison radio has the potential to be used as a tool to promote positive wellbeing for prisoners, and to develop resources that assist new prisoners during the prison induction process. Evidence from interviews and observations conducted during the workshops shows highlights benefits across the following four themes:

  • Collaboration and teamwork


  • Positive mental health and confidence


  • Skills acquisition and education


  • A sense of investment


The Mobilong Prison Radio pilot project was highly successful in achieving its objectives – to produce audio to support the induction of new prisoners (as required by the funding component) and to investigate the potential of prison radio at Mobilong, by introducing some basics of radio production to interested participants.

As such, there are two major recommendations stemming from this report, for future consideration.

  1. Prison radio should be further investigated and considered for its potential to support communications and wellbeing within the prison environment.


  2. A detailed feasibility study is required to examine the opportunities, challenges and solutions for developing prison radio in South Australia. The scope of the report should include options for training delivery and content as well as informing a coordinated approach to broadcast and listening opportunities in different prisons.


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