Delivering digital government: the Australian public scorecard

1 Nov 2017

Since 2011, Telstra has been undertaking substantial quantitative and qualitative studies of the Australian public to develop a body of evidence on the use, perceptions and expectations of government services.

The research focused on a range of topics, helping provide insights into:

- Frequency and nature of interactions with government services at both federal and state levels;

- The Australian public’s attitudes towards digital service delivery;

- The channel preferences for interactions for different types of government services;

- The public’s views of how services meet their needs;

- The service experience rating;

- Comparative data of government service delivery with private sector service delivery.

The evidence highlighted that the Australian public is, in general, satisfied with existing digital government service delivery in Australia, and has big expectations of significant increases in digital government service delivery in the future.

It also confirmed that most Australians would prefer for most government services to be delivered predominantly online or in person, with only limited support for service delivery via phone and post. This implied that the high expectations of the Australian public for digital service delivery, in terms of both capacity and expected efficiency and convenience, may prove difficult for governments to fulfil without an overarching strategy and framework spanning across the digital service delivery domain.

The purpose of the current research project is to both benchmark and build upon these findings to develop further insights into the role of technology and service delivery performance in shaping the Australian public’s view of the public sector, public institutions and the social fabric at large. The findings will also contribute to the development of a Digital Readiness Index, tracking the demand gap between existing service availability and public expectations, and the impact of such unmet demand.

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