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Community voice: a new electronic communication model for local communities: a web development handbook for rural, regional and micro-communities

1 Jan 2005

Despite provision of funding to support the establishment of online communities, web sites and regional web portals in regional and rural communities, many projects fail or stall once the initial funding has been expended. This publication is intended for use by community groups to develop their own Internet communications strategy, achieved by the provision of examples, demonstrations and discussion. Though not intended as a technical web page design and construction manual, details of online resources are provided to allow community group members to progress from strategy development to full design and construction. Factors which contribute to the success of Australian community web sites were examined with the discovery that features more important then seed funding include the degree of community ownership, the ability for multiple users to contribute, local relevance, and levels of interactivity. Simplicity of design, and the relevance to individual Internet users was also found to contribute positively to ongoing success. Case studies are documented and three demonstration web sites in Victoria developed.

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Canberra, ACT
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